Anybody listeni…disconnected…

R Barr

June 27th, 2014

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The information age, facebook, twitter, etc.. Everyone knows everyone and it’s all good. But for an original musician/artist, is it too much? Would I sell more albums if I didn’t have all my facebook friends and connections on the web? I don’t sell any now lol. I guess everyone would just rather have music on facebook or youtube? This might sound like an old school is better than technology discussion but it’s not really. I love iPods and having all my music wherever I go, as opposed to the old method of caselogic cassette cases and a walkman on a million AA batteries. Now I have 20,000 songs to choose from in the palm of my hand!! Crazy to think about it really…But back to my music. It seems to have a pattern. I make my music for me, from the purest form of expression, which is whatever comes to me and I put out in my songs. I would do it whether or not I sold a million albums or zero. I love that, and am thankful for every song that comes through me. But as I document the progress, for example post a demo idea, what the new album cover looks like, my progress in the studio, song samples, and finally the first full song release, things run their course. Family, friends, and followers all wishing me well, commenting on how good it is, how talented I am etc.. and by the way those are all amazing things to me! It is a wonderful thing to be recognized for talents and such compliments. But  where it stops is the final step. The buying of the music.

I get 20 hard copy CDs duplicated every album I do. Now again I know hard copy anything is few and far between these days. No one wants CDs or anything to clutter, when they can just download it and it takes up no physical space. But those 20 copies I get are normally given away to my true friends who I want to give something back for being there for me along the way. Would they give me the $10 for it, of course, but I wouldn’t take it from them. They have helped and inspired me along the way in different ways. I also send my music to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc to easily spread it world wide and hope people somewhere out there enjoy it and maybe buy it. Again this is not a blog about how I can’t make any money with my music. I have a job in music that pays me very well, and I’m blessed to have that. It’s more a commentary on how we are all so connected in our daily lives through social media, yet there seems to me a disconnect as well. In the grand scheme of things it all means nothing really. I will continue to do my music. It’s what I am, for me, how I want it be and that is the true spirit of art. Album sales or not. Online compliments or not. It’s a gift and whoever, if anybody is listening, I hope they like it…and thanks 🙂


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