New album…finally!!

R Barr

March 2nd, 2017

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April will finally see the release of a new album! It’s only been 3 years!?! What the heck have I been doing?? (as Garrett would say 🙂 ) Well I have been recording a lot and hopefully another new album will arrive in a few months from now! As with life, things get pushed out of your priority spotlight and it’s hard to catch up, but here it is…”Storyboard”

With most of my records they are a mixture of new songs and old songs from the vaults of material I have. I’m no Prince by any means lol, but I do have a ton of material! This record has some very special songs for me. They have come to be inspired by many great friends and inspirational moments in my life. Another beautiful little tribute to my best pooch Ernie 😀 as well as another song co-written by my great friend Christopher Gause 🙂 We wrote so many songs together, and I’m so thankful for his talents and inspiration. I smile every time I hear them finished because of the memories that come back as we were writing them. I guess that’s why the title “Storyboard” fit so perfect, they are all songs that represent moments like a book, and I’m so grateful for every chapter….


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