It can always be worse..

R Barr

August 16th, 2014

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People who know me might be tired of me saying that haha. But I always say it when we/I are having a rough day/time of things. It’s not to downplay how bad the situation might be, but to give hope and more important laughter in the situation. I’m like anyone else. I get down on stupid trivial things like money (or lack of), traffic, weather, etc. And even bigger things like love and life. But it’s a true statement! It always can be worse. So take the things you have and things we most all take for granted on a daily basis. Example, you’re in traffic and late for a big job, date, show, whatever. Are you driving in a car? Do you have a full stomach? Can you see the traffic? Can you hear the traffic? Whenever you get there, will you be able to walk out of your car? Pretty big things when you think about it right??

Every night, or during the day, I catch myself. I look around, and watch the trees, the clouds, the rain, whatever, I take a deep breath and give thanks. I watch my dog. I watch him be happy 🙂 What gifts I have. I pray and give thanks that I have those things. I pray others who don’t, someday will. In good times, and especially bad times, give a quick look around. Take in the small things in your life that you have. Be humble, grateful, and be thankful. Place the good things over the bad things in your life. Believe me it will out number them ten fold…Peace, RB

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